The price is key to your success

ClipMount USB is our super lightweight solution. With this retrofit concept, we are offering the highest rate of flexibility - without having to sacrifice quality. We are always looking into fleet-wide solutions: compatible with every aircraft seat type, easy to install, reliable and certified. A lightweight system with maximum output.

In-Seat power by KID Systeme

Our Retrofit Turnkey solution

Retrofitting has never been so easy. With KID‘s SKYpower solution you get all the required components for the lowest price on the market today.

Find everything you need

  • Master Control Unit
  • Double USB Outlet Units
  • In-seat power converter
  • And all the necessary wiring

Chose your position

Two sides of the same coin - the decision is on you!

With our STC Turnkey package you are completely free to place your Outlet Units either in the front or in the back of the seat. We are giving you the choice to design your cabin most flexible, so you can easily retrofit without spending lots of money or time.

24h AOG