Universal Video

Different types of cameras make keeping track of security on the plane easier and provide reassurance for passengers during a flight. Cabin cameras provide the view into the cabin. Flight deck cameras with infrared allow supervision of the cockpit doors for the pilots. Cargo cameras allow supervision of the cargo compartment.


Product Overview

  • Head End
    Server Unit

    The HESU G2 is a universal aircraft server based on Intel Core i7 quad-core processor technology. High computing performance combined with high-speed network connectivity and huge storage capacity are key features supporting the UVSS applications.

  • Area

    The ADU is a high-performance switching unit collecting the audio and video streams and providing the power supply for the cameras. In addition, the first ADU of the first chain hosts the web pages for the UVSS ACP.

  • Attendant
    Control Panel

    The ACP provides a graphical user interface and external interfaces such as Ethernet to operate the system as well as maintain the KID Universal Video Monitoring System.


Product highlights

Airline customers benefit from easy installation and a mature system architecture, based on the Airbus A350 XWB family Video Surveillance system already in service including Seamless Video Surveillance in your cabin, cargo and cockpit.

The fireproofed housing, the high-definition standard and watermarked material make KID’s system the most advanced system on the market today. The whole system is hosted on a high-performance multipurpose platform. Giving you the ability to turn data into information and setting standards for the future of passenger cabins.


Video recording of up to 40 cameras in high definition and with watermarks enhances flight safety


Transmission of video material during flight and on the ground enables fast decision-making in the event of incidents


Benefit from our holistic solution, which includes video analysis and evaluation, as well as data management and storage.

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