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Our modular based USB power system

Modernizing the aircraft cabin has never been so easy and efficient. With the KID power solution all required components are included in one complete aircraft kit. This turnkey package includes the full range of certified equipment to power-up the cabin:

USB-Power equipment:

  • Master Control Unit (MCU)
  • In-Seat Power Supply Unit (ISPS)
  • USB outlets and wiring

Powered by our partner:

  • EASA Minor Change documentation
  • Mounting Kit (including raceways & housing)

On-seat solution

Two sides of the same coin - the decision is on you!

With our turnkey STC package, you can easily install the outlets either on the front or on the back of the seat. This solution is very flexible, so you can retrofit your flight cabin without spending a lot of money.

Off-seat solution

The weight tolerance of the seat is secondary!

The mounting unit is fixed on the seatrail to save space and has little effect on the overall weight of the seat. The installation of the power outlets is flexible (same as for the on-seat solution) and can be adapted to the customer's needs.


Explore the benefits of our QuickMount Solution


This innovative solution to the market, avoiding delays and costs that might be associated with seat re-airworthiness testing and certification.


With this retrofit concept, we are offering the highest rate of flexibility: Our QuickMount solution is compatible with every aircraft and seat type, easy to install, lightweight, reliable and certified.


This electrical power supply for passenger seats is bulit in such a way that all components can be fixed in a modular way. The installation of the power outlets is flexible (forward or backward facing) and can be adapted to the customer’s needs. Various USB charging options are available, depending on the cabin configuration.

Beyond Lightweight

Seats are built as light as possible today, which makes it difficult to meet the weight tolerance when retrofitting components. With our off-seat retrofit solution the weight tolerance of the seat is secondary. By installing our QuickMount retrofit kit, only insignificant weight is added to the seat and no seat recertification needed.


The easiest way to power-up your cabin at the best market price! please contact us for getting our competitive offer and discover the best retrofit power system available - cross fleet & suitable for all seat types.


This solution is made to enter new markets by offering additional services that increase passengers comfort and lead to ancillary revenues for the operator.