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Our modular based USB power system

Control Unit

The MCU 3 provides all-round power management in the cabin (IFE and PED power). The MCU 4 has only approx. 50% of the volume and weight of the MCU 3 and is optimised for purely power installations.


All of KID‘s power supplies convert aircraft power into common power for laptops and other Personal Electronic devices. The system also regulates the voltage to an adequate level, is the lightest solution for in-seat power on the market today and offers guaranteed safety thanks to over-voltage and over-current protection.


The Outlet Units are the interface for the passenger to obtain in-seat power from our power supplies. KID’s Outlet Unit is available in AC, USB and Combined Version variants. It can be combined with a front plate in selectable colours and language.



Airline customers benefit from the easy installation of our small, lightweight and highly compatible products. In addition, airlines have the freedom of scope in terms customising the front plates and location of the power outlet.The system is designed and manufactured by KID-Systeme, which constantly examines and anticipates new market trends and developments to ensure a long and dependable service life for its products.

Weight efficiency

SKYpower is the lightest system available on the market today. It maximises power output by minimising weight and size.

Space efficiency

SKYpower gives passengers improved personal space thanks to its efficient and optimised size. The system blends in perfectly with the cabin environment.

Passenger comfort

SKYpower meets the most stringent safety standards while offering maximum compatibility.