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The connected cabin ecosystem

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The super
lightweight solution

"GeniusPOWER enables brand new and innovative smart functionalities and is the smallest and lightest in-seat power system in the market."

Holger Hoesmann

Product Management


Out to make a difference

The new GeniusPOWER system is based on the latest technology and is the next generation in our in-seat power portfolio. The completely redesigned system ensures maximum efficiency by delivering 60W per port to your passengers, while carrying the lowest weight. The system consists of the power converter, the master control unit and flexible USB outlets - the GeniusPORTS.

Combined with GeniusLINK it enables new digital functions. GeniusPOWER is available in the CORE and SMART version. Each version offers the highest levels of innovation, ease of use and future-proof flexibility to power the connected cabin environments of today and tomorrow.

The core version

The CORE version serves up to nine passengers with 60W per port. The new 60W FlexPort comes with an illumination frame and integration kit. Powerful yet compact, it makes the most out of the smallest space envelope and enables seamless integration in the thinnest back- or armrest. The illumination frame can be customized to best meet your needs and passenger expectations.

The smart version

The SMART version comes with additional features and connects GeniusLINK to the cabin modules and numerous sensors. GeniusPOWER can be expanded via a server and sensors to enable a variety of new functionalities such as predictive maintenance, life vest manipulation detection, Money POWER, passenger service system, TTL status, and much more to make your cabin digital and ready for the future!

Money power concept

Our Money Power concept helps airlines to maximize their ancillary revenue streams by installing the GeniusPOWER SMART solution. Based on the selected business model, there are several distribution channels that can be used to provide your passengers with in-seat power and increase comfort and flexibility.


Out to make a difference


Dynamic Power Management

With our Money Power concept, you can generate additional revenue with your installed GeniusPOWER system. It works together with the GeniusLINK platform and GeniusPOWER SMART version.

The FlexPort & GeniusPORT

Components and its installation flexibility

The GeniusPORT

The GeniusPORTs are designed with a modern and unique appearance to please the eye of your passenger. Illuminated brackets guide the passengers' eyes smoothly to the USB ports with its tactile guidance also the passengers' fingers. You can customize your GeniusPORTs in any color you want simply by using a Front Plate (optional).


Explore the benefits of GeniusPOWER

Small and

Smallest and lightest in-seat power system in the market

Low rate
of failures

Without any moving parts which eliminates single point of failures, noise and additional maintenance


Nine passengers can be served with one converter (up to 18 ports with 60W per port)

the waste

Reduces the waste of heat to a minimum and therewith no fan is needed for cooling

Future proof

Future proof: able to integrate upcoming new developments like the digital seal

Design award

Design award winning power converter “Focus Open 2022”


Reduction of CO2 emissions as less material needed and new ways of production (material) are in place.


Made in Germany and best certified

Bundling your benefits

GeniusLINK is the central element in our new GeniusSERIES. As an innovative and powerful server, it connects all products including data and storage. This information transfer secures communication to passengers, flight crew, maintenance and ground services. Enjoy a comprehensive and open software and hardware infrastructure that facilitates exceptional apps and features while paving the way to the digital future.

The app gallery

Airline business models focus on passenger comfort and services. To meet this market demand, we offer you our comprehensive App Gallery, which provides a wide variety of apps ranging from inflight entertainment and crew operations through to applications and e-commerce. All apps within GeniusLINK are pre-tested to meet changing needs and can be easily installed without any impact on hardware and certification.

Unique flexibility

To ensure best-in-service performance, we work together with international partners such as Bluebox, Display Interactive and Inflight Dublin. With our pre-certified suppliers, you can count on unlimited flexibility and performance in a dynamic on-board entertainment environment.


All eyes on safety
and security

GeniusSECURITY will be the next level of video systems and connected security concepts on the market. The opportunity of data analysis and pattern recognition, combined with the possibility of immediately sharing incidents and critical situations with the ground, makes this system unique in its kind and its possibilities for the airline customer, crew and passengers. The whole system will be hosted on our GeniusLINK server. Giving you the ability to turn data into information and setting standards for the future of passenger cabins.

Everything in view

Its sophisticated system architecture uses various high-performance cameras and the video streams are recorded on our GeniusLINK server with modular storage capacity. Cabin cameras provide reassurance for pilots and crew, while infrared cockpit door cameras meet the regulatory requirements. Additional cameras permit the supervision of the cargo compartment.

More safety

GeniusSECURITY is designed to work in any aircraft type of any manufacturer and therefore enables uniform video surveillance across your entire fleet. The whole system is hosted on our GeniusLINK server. Its quick data analysis as well as pattern recognition, combined with the possibility of immediately sharing incidents and critical situations with the ground and cabin crew, makes GeniusSECURITY the right choice.

Connected solution

The GeniusLINK server connects all security products, including numerous interfaces, sensors, data and storage information. Smart surveillance and modularity take security for passengers, onboard crews and ground services to a new digital level and helps to reduce maintenance and compensation costs. Our GeniusSECURITY system uses artificial intelligence and big data analysis to deliver a future-ready solution.